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BUS Wraps

Full & Partial Vinyl Exterior or Interior Commercial Bus Wraps

Our company persists on creating high quality product for every customer and promise to bring your bus wrap visions to life. Diamond Wraps & Print’s facility is capable of printing quality wraps for your bus(es). We cover the basis with your wrap installation care by providing a dust-free, weather friendly environment, crucial when wrapping large buses. 

Every bus owner that is commercial based (or not) can benefit from having a branded bus to boost advertisement exposure when out on the road. Vinyl wraps to advertise your business for buses help spread your brand’s messaging while staying cost-effective with your marketing budget. 

commercial fleet large bus wrap
bus wrap las vegas
american customs fleet bus wrap
custom fleet bus wrap
sundrais bus wrap las vegas
fireball bus wrap

Bus wraps (vehicle wraps) are printed on a special film so that when it is applied to the vehicle, the wrap molds to the vehicle. If you have hundreds of square feet of potentially free space, why not wrap an advertisement on your bus? Another benefactor to bus wraps, the installation turnaround time is much faster in comparison to any other ways such as paint jobs or powder coating.

For more information about bus wrap installation, contact (702)-333-0444 today.

types of bus wraps available

  • School Buses

  • Political Buses

  • Party Buses

  • Casino Buses

  • Shuttle Buses

  • Moving Vehicles

  • Charities, Food Trucks, Blood Drives & More!

Have a project that's ready to get started? If you've got a bus, we can wrap it!

custom jeep rubicon wrap red.jpeg
cici pizza branded wrap.jpeg
custom boat logo
racecar wrap and trailer wrap las vegas.
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