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Rim Repair &

Alloy Wheel Repair

Full Service Wheel Restoring, Color Change Rims & Reconditioning Center

Our company takes pride in being able to repair wheels or rims that can’t be replaced!


Diamond Wraps & Print of Las Vegas provides high quality wheel & rim repair services. Our staff is trained in all aspects of the wheel repair or wrapping process and provides only high quality repairs. If you’re looking to have the colors of your rims or wheels changed as well, that’s no issue.

Contact Diamond Wraps

One of our company’s specialty services is repairing & refinishing wheels, anything from chromed alloy to steel factory rims. Before you spend your money and purchase new rims or tos a cracked wheel, contact Diamond Wraps & Print here & see if there’s something our company can do to help you out.

Shine Bright Like A... 

(702) 333-0444

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