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Turf Protection Window Film, Grass, Stone & More

Professional Business & Residential Tint Services

Did you know that direct heat from the Las Vegas sun reflecting directly off your windows is strong enough to burn your artificial turf or grass? The sun’s reflection gets so hot, it quite literally burns artificial turf. Sounds problematic in most cases, but we have a solution!


Stop your artificial grass from melting & getting ruined with our turf guard window tinting film that’s available for installation. With summer right around the corner, we receive requests from landscaping businesses and residential homes about artificial turf getting ruined in the heat. 


Our window tint film is easy to install and protects your natural or artificial grass by reducing the heat from the sun’s UV reflection coming from your windows. Protect your artificial grass, turf, concrete stone, and vinyl decoration with window tint installed in Las Vegas by the professionals at Diamond Wraps. Stop your grass and turf from melting today with window film guards!


Our home tint solutions are applied to the outside of windows and are safe for any window and glass application. Don’t waste time and get a free quote on how to reduce sun damage in your business or residential windows by clicking here.

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