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Motorcycle & Bike Wraps

Graphic Design, Wrap, Color Change & Body Work 

Wrapping a motorcycle is a great way to get the look you’ve been dreaming of for your bike!


This is a more cost effective way to enhance the design of your motorcycle while being able to have flexibility with your bike’s design. With graphic design & installation available for your bike wrap idea, you are involved throughout the entire creative process when your motorcycle is being designed.


Contact us by clicking here for a free wrap quote or by calling our shop at 702-333-0444 and our staff can get started on creating your motorcycle’s fresh new look.

Designing Your Custom Motorcycle Wrap

A motorcycle’s total surface area is much smaller than most other types of vehicles that get wraps. When thinking of your motorcycle wrap design, consider your rider position on the bike and how your body covers certain parts of the bike as you ride it. If you want vinyl lettering for logos with your full motorcycle wrap, make sure that the vinyl decal placements can be seen both while moving and when parked. Our advice? Stay as bold and simple as possible with a motorcycle.

Motorcycle Vinyl Wraps, Print & Installation

Your motorcycle will be wrapped in-house at our shop in Las Vegas! Motorcycles, or any vehicle wrap for that manner, will always have a much easier time during the install process in a temperature controlled & dust-free environment. With Diamond Wraps, you can always expect a top of the line installation with the best vinyl materials used for printing your motorcycle or bike wrap.

Contact Diamond Wraps & Print

The professionals of Diamond Wraps & Print in Las Vegas can help you create and install motorcycle wrap designs that ensure aesthetic enhancements to your bike’s features.


Whether you are advertising or riding motorcycles is your passion, a beautiful wrap installed professionally will stand out! Wrap with the pros & contact us today for a free wrap quote.

Available 8 days a week 

(702) 333-0444

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